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ABOUT Weedgalized in Colorado

 Birth of the Book


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The work is a lighthearted and surprisingly informative read, featuring on-the-ground stories from scores of participants in Colorado’s historic transformation into a cannabis-friendly state. The book doubles as a reference guide, listing Colorado dispensaries, marijuana stocks and more.

“Legalizing pot in Colorado changed everything. Cultures were transformed, entrepreneurs descended on the state, and people couldn’t stop talking about it,” says author Johnny Welsh.

Johnny Welsh’s unique perspective stems from his career as a professional bartender in the heart of Colorado’s famous ski country. His big, engaging personality encourages friends and strangers alike to share what they have seen and heard about the state’s new cannabis culture. Weedgalized in Colorado contains interviews with characters ranging from the “Town Stoner” to the county Sheriff, as well as dispensary owners, dealers, growers, tour guides, entrepreneurs and even movie producers looking for their next blockbuster.


Author's Note
Chapter 1. The Great Colorado Pot Scramble
Chapter 2. A Brief History of Pot
Chapter 3. A New World
Chapter 4. Meet the Ganjapreneurs
Chapter 5. Ganjapreneurial Products and Service
Chapter 6. The Buyers, Consumers and Traders of Cannabis
Chapter 7. Budtenders: Sellers on the Front Lines
Chapter 8. Dispensaries: Pot Shops and Their Owners
Chapter 9. The Dealers and the Players
Chapter 10. Weedia: Weed in the Media
Chapter 11. Cannabis Controversies
Chapter 12. Weed vs. Alcohol
Chapter 13. A World Weedgalized
Chapter 14. Top Ten Questions: YEAR ONE

Chapter 15. Tidbits & Nuggets
Chapter 16. The Future
I. Dispensary Guide: A Tour of Colorado's Pot Holes
II. Summit County District 5 Flyer
III. Pot Stocks
IV. 100 Nicknames for Marijuana by Stephen Karp
V. Marijuana Strains
Glossary of Terms
About the Author
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First Pages

USMapCO.jpgAuthor’s Note

I’m a bartender. For nearly two decades, I’ve earned my living mixing and serving drinks in Frisco, Colorado, in the heart of Colorado ski country.

Frisco, a tiny mountain town, is an undiscovered gem compared to its more worldly neighbors like Aspen, Vail, and Breckenridge. Our little town sits in the middle of seven of some of the best ski mountains in the state, and our summers are quite beautiful.

I work in several local bars. People tend to talk pretty openly to bartenders. I have seen and heard the finest people doing the poorest things, and the poorest in character doing the finest things. I make no comments on what I see, and keep private things private. People ask me about sports, sex, psychology local activities, where to park, where to eat, stocks, and wait, oh yes, sex again.

Even so, I was unprepared for the volume of questions and stories that arose about the cannabis industry when Coloradans voted, on November 6, 2012, to legalize pot. Customer curiosity exploded when the bill became law, and the first recreational pot shops opened January 1, 2014. I was overwhelmed by the amount of discussion. Never before had there been this much fervor behind a topic discussed at the bars where I work. Interest has yet to wane.

For years, my favorite greeting to visitors, tourists, and new arrivals was, “Welcome to the high country.” I was referring to the elevation and especially the grandeur of our beautiful state. We have the highest elevated city in the country (Leadville, 10,430 feet); the highest paved road (on Mt. Evans,14,258 feet); and the highest highway tunnel (Eisenhower Tunnel, 11,000 feet). But now “the high country” has a whole new meaning.

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