Weedgalized: The Inside Story of

Colorado's Great Pot Experiment!


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Behind-the-scenes stories from a local Colorado bartender from the first legalized state

History captured in this educational cannabis book sprinkled with humor, stories, and anecdotes.


"There has been no shortage of scribes offering their versions of Colorado's 
journey to legalizing cannabis, but few have presented it
as the fascinating, epic comedy that it really is.
Frisco bartender Johnny Welsh seems to have
hit that target in his new book."

-Westword Magazine

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Colorado's New Cannabis Culture is Even More Colorful Than You Imagined!

Pot became legal in Colorado on January 1, 2014, and everything changed. Culture transformed, entrepreneurs descended and people couldn't stop talking about it. Specifically, in the heart of Colorado ski country, everyone was talking to professional bartender Johnny Welsh.

Now the tables have turned. In his revealing book Weedgalized in Colorado, Johnny shares scores of good-humored true tales of legalization, and much more!

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*All photos credit of Mark Fox

PaperbackLeftBuyNow.pngMeet Ganjapreneurs and Girl Scouts ... the County Sheriff and the Town Stoner

"... Johnny Welsh has done a great job capturing the wild ride of an emerging cannabis industry."

-Philip Wolf, Founder, Cultivating Spirts

"[Reading Weedgalized in Colorado is] like having the best seat at an Après-ski bar, where everyone around you knows first-hand something different and fascinating about what happened during the great historic Colorado ganja experiment,"

-Jessica Catalano, author of The Ganja Kitchen Revolution.